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v9�����8��eu{���.J�TF1[�[�5}I. Making Predictions In 1900, an American engineer, John Watkins, made some predictions about life in 2000. %PDF-1.4 7. Short and sweet exercise on predictions for students to make sentences (both, aff and neg form) about thems... 7,664 Downloads. I’ve been planning to study all day. He is very hard-working. Keep reading to download this free English lesson with exercises. 10. ‘Will’ for future predictions 1. H���e �}���[���2�HY��1�Wl?�4f6�n,�*���4����u�U�Y���n#D��� ��rh�UЃ6�Mi,@b��{�k��>C�6�Nв����=l�eD�g��C���/P�|�������7D�ޖ���W)�����=���s�u�8�D4��z��v����v����Yr�2�ץ��ZF������!N��6��7���0�w -���Ѫ�j�]�@�Do����z�W�.�r(�r���[~d�.m(�aP׭c�n ��P��e���vh�%}�b�= 6��L_ǥv�.v��z�F`�W� �q��r |#�=�/L�`� u~��6��h�� ��B��38�L5*���^t*7���j����ф5=}�i�ۏH'��>I�лJ���s�;H��=��J��I�`W9�jr[9k��{ժ��q�E(�4���+x�v������y &x� '�+9)QPLb�ЗK�r=}}�S�~x�(܈–7f���m�H\k�I�7TU���n�H�4~6ԕ۽쬾٩�)mq�g�� Read and circle True or False. 4 0 obj <> 1 0 obj ��b�P�D!��r��.y^� T�Q��r>����{'5���b�y8_#���%7]s�.��X����M �a�01���P\ك�qu���H�W��0}vy/?����P���?���k�G���ҷ�C. We use 'be going to' for intentions and plans, and predictions with present evidence. True or False. 4. By lucy13. x��]_O9������ VK��#&���J�{��a� �.�,03ʷ�Ue��ݶ�q7��i���r��r�|z��zq��|�p������������������|�>�����������fӜ�t����;�Y+T�����V��ٖ5�o�i.��w����͵j~zl�����9<9c cm'����1���Z&ecz�v�9��]s�?����/�Ὶ����јײ�՜jM�m>���9.�������[�s�f�m%��f��c;��S�ED��x�x��ʶV��tA�Z��k� Z.PtO�������ލ�e��`U���rW5��� ��>ϡP�����u'����͑������'z#�Q'�k�9��Yq�[mļ���fs$���Ui��JУ#�I�ծ*�L(�����7�A�IBf$�{�?��d��҈�@�zk#�Ȩ�� dZ ��`ƀ��Ъ�}�,qba�[����QVy�Y�q>n�Ӯk L�X�7L�=+(�L�*W�Rݼ�x�묦v���1�*���!��0U�j�ij It's Saturday morning. <> I think the future will be very different. Will vs be going to. For example: — “I believe I will be at the airport at 22:30, my flight is at midnight” = I am making a prediction. "EU����v���G�����խt��R��N The doctor said I’ m going to have a girl. We use 'will' for instant decisions and predictions. The kids are tired out. Among other things, Watkins predicted television, mobile phones, and digital I’m going to go to the library. She will have lots of pets. I’m going to meet your dad tomorrow afternoon. 4. Futures tenses in English. 3 0 obj Will v Going to Tutor and exercises for learning the differences between will and going to. I feel awful. +�n�F+��6���Rz$%���@Bq�VC�t�"��N�bhAm��.�b�Fz¶���5Y�j�AQ�6��AJ��ؠP\���n����B����' K�b�zXۜ�����#f��ǧ������-�Z���֘:��bu You can use both 'will' or 'going to' in the future, but we generally use 'going to' when speaking about plans: We’ re going to have an accident! ... predictions will may might going to. He will be a good doctor. %�쏢 ]��A� ��y�d?G�p����ۮ�8��C��w����(V �(B���7���!�R����sk[��}*���n,|�n�=\nz�"��/��[P3a�5�5�s��. Children won’t go to school, they’ll have a robot teacher who teaches them at home. As for me, when I grow up I’ll be a vet because Will / Be Going To Predictions TO EXPRESS A prediction Will or Be Going To A prior Plan Be Going To Is Used Willingness Will Match the sentences on the left with the predictions on the right. 3. Will and be going to exercises. endobj 2. �^���N�|�}+R����%����X)��IP���Lf�DB}:J�T!S1���@+�������E1�UׂR-�i��Y���]G���r�y7�k�3��ˬ�`�+��rpeY�m��������8Jp9��Q�u��$�s�JUe!a���^�+���T� T�-�����cPQ���L'Ʀ�� ���Y�$(*V\"��t�E�-r��Tq �� People won’t drive normal cars, there will be special flying cars. 1. The flight departs at 9 pm. 1.- When we get home, we _____ (have) dinner. ‘Will’ for future predictions 1. Many of his predictions were correct. 6. 5 0 obj I’ll live in a big house when I’m older. (If there is external evidence we use ‘going to’ to make future predictions.) B: I’m going to put up some pictures. %PDF-1.5 Children won’t go to school, they’ll have a robot teacher who teaches them at home. endobj True or False. ]X���-���>�:'2}ܩ�4 �Ζǃ�J�x���נ�J����� bd�bC$%K5� І� c�UXLX�X�Xэ�Lm�� �)�B�R4�� oѵV��ؖ>a3a�;��Ɂ��JҎM����7��S]>����[ԉ�9���ٗ�|N-�����*i旃���#up����]����!�0[��o���O(��ww�����~)%`�,to�~���Tv��\��_��F���z*�ly���4^C۴�z)�����Ft��t�{��`�+�< �a΅�0�Q�-އ���wLDTvB��P��Q�;T/Ў�i� 3���7�K��;ҝa_h�ɟ9�zE���/�cE ����� ��l���O�����[��N��)i��#�C��eP�����ʠ���ۡ� 5. Fred can't keep a secret. endobj Title: Microsoft Word - Will or going … English grammar and exercises. Read and circle True or False. In English, both "will" and "going to" can be used to talk about the future. stream future tense exercise. For the negative, we can say ‘will not’ or ‘won’t’. Predictions Use will to talk about something that you think will happen.. stream (To talk about time-tabled future events, we use simple present tense.) Elementary and intermediate level esl. You are going to fall. 3. Careful! A: Why are you carrying a hammer? I think he’ ll win the election. We can use ‘will’ or ‘’ll’ to talk about the future and make future predictions. Forms . Learn how to use will, may and might to speak about the future in English! It practices the use of WILL and WON´T for future predictions in the context of global warming effects. x�Խ[�49r��)F�4�ɥ���Z��=���}�C߈�;�Wc�[�F_��Ld������cj'f���$� � 䯀���r�B�r�?z������jha̛=����H�|��������ƚo�}I5�/��/����9������~����[��q�x�������o��ۗYگ��m����/1�/��[�i�o��o��w��[̣�o���-�R���wߧ[hG�x��߅[%�o��w���C�����.�F� ����VJu|�;��G:�k����������B�v�?�F��������7�v�������0�:]�� x|�9F��戫��r;���f#H��g�}?o�T���l�4[�~�7����&��o�9]��|�{�MSRo��ߟM\�L����w��v�}v�������_P99�^��i(��ov������ى۷�J[Q�u��i����=d�F���S�����1o�j��\T���J9!%�\�8�������tL��v�~Dˠ�~�Ȑ�н~�ͳWK5~�T����������G1�0~�*���f����R�6�=�)�'��j�^z�2�W����A�tɓ��~ȟ�/�#��gߏ[ɥ5�I�-���5�Zk�ӄ�?��h?3����)��g�ټ*q�6��K0Z�!��ߧ�na߇tKQZJ�ٛ����P�?�)��0. <> 6. She is going to / will graduate next year. WILL vs GOING TO Complete the sentences with the correct form of will or going to and the verbs in brackets. %���� Children won’t go to school in the future. 2 0 obj They have different structures. Exercise for teenagers with prediction structures: will / won't / may / might / going to. There are two ways to talk about the future.. We use the future simple (with will) to make a general prediction and to begoing to to predict the near future which seems sure to happen. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.2 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> It also deals with THERE WILL BE + MORE, LESS and FEWER for future changes. See some examples and test your knowledge with a short quiz. Be Going to or Will Exercise Be Going To Will Uses Uses 1 - plans and intentions 3 - immediate decisions I’m going to visit my aunt next Friday I’ll have the salad and the fish 2 - when you can see what's going to happen 4 - predictions When the boss sees this, she is going to go crazy People will work more from home in the future <>>> 5. Learn how to make predictions, speak about possibilities, and/or to speak about future actions with will, may, and might. ; Use be going to to talk about something that you see is going to happen (there is present evidence).. Don’t drive like a crazy man. 2.- I know they _____ (feel) very happy if they win the match. The referee is looking at his watch. 3.- They’ve already decided on their next summer holiday. I think the future will be very different.

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